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21st Birthday Invitations


21st Birthday Invitations

Your 21st Birthday is only a few weeks, you have your party all planned out and now all you need to do is make sure all your guest know when and where your party will be and what time they should show up.  Its time to create some 21st Birthday invitations for your party.

Things to include in 21st birthday invitations

Make sure you include all the important information your guest need about the party.  Make sure you cover the 5 W’s.

  • 21 Birthday Party Invitation - 21st Birthday InvitationsWho are you sending the invitation to
  • why are you celebrating (21st Birthday Party)
  • Where are you hosting your party
  • When does the party start and finish
  • What do your guests need to wear or bring to the party

In order to personalize  your 21st birthday invitations you could include a nice poem, or a funny story about you life or something that happened whilst you were growing up.  It is also a good idea to include a photo of yourself.  Remember if you send out a great invitation you are more likely to receive great presents.  If you take a more modern approach and design and evite or a party web page then you can also include a slide show or a video to really impress your guests.

Types of 21st Birthday Invitation

As technology becomes more available there are lots of options for 21st birthday invitations.  You can buy a generic card and write a personal message inside, make your cards completely from scratch which is quite time-consuming but is usually the most appreciated and cost-effective way to produce your invitations or get a custom-made card that is completely personalized to your own specifications, one thing to think about with this type of invitation is that it may take 2-3 weeks to receive the card so make sure you plan early so they will be ready for your 21st birthday party.

JibJab eCards

Using the internet is a great way to send out your 21st Birthday invitations. Creating a simple web page with all the information about your party is a really cool to get your info out and not as hard as you may think.  You can get 21st birthday invitations created and sent to your guest using a service like JibJab.com21st Birthday Invitations they have hundreds of video templates they aim more towards birthdays card but you just simply create a card as an invitation and send it to all your guests.  You choose a video template and add pictures of friends and families faces into the video so it looks like you are dancing around and things.  If you have not tried it already then I recommend you send one and cc yourself they are great fun.

21st Birthday Invitations

Smile box can also help you quickly create a great 21st Birthday invitations that you can email out to all your guests they have hundreds of templates that create a fully animated card completely personalized to you add you own photos, videos and text to make a stunning invite.

Send 21st Birthday Invitations using Facebook

Social media is also another option Facebook gives you the opportunity to send a 21st Birthday Invitations to your friends and lets you know who is attending as well giving the opportunity to add lots of comments about the upcoming event.

Who to send 21st Birthday Invitations

The last thing to go over is who are you going to invite to your party.  Work out how many people you can have attend the party.  Once you have the total number think about which people you have to invite such as family members that expect an invite then work out how many friends you can invite.  Will your party have a theme such as guys or gals only night, is it appropriate for children.  Once you have figured out how many people you can then invite choose all your best friends and people who you will have a great time with.  Then make a list and send out your 21st Birthday Invitations.

Once all you have sent your 21st Birthday invitation all you have to do is have a great 21st Birthday Party!