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Alcoholic Gifts


Alcoholic Gifts

Alcoholic gifts are the perfect 21st Birthday present lets face it that age everyone lives for the weekend, when it is time to party.  To make the 21st Birthday really special there are a many drink related presents available, such as novelty alcoholic gifts, a bottle of bubbly and the best of all drinking games.  The items shown or discussed on this page are available in our secure aStore  

Novelty alcoholic gifts

 Novelty Gas pump alcohol dipenser - Alcoholic GiftsFunny wine bottle holder - Alcoholic GiftsPut a smile on their face with a great novelty liquor dispensers such as the little whizzer, a little boy who relieves himself by peeing liquor into your glass, a cool gas pump style liquor dispense that will look great in any 21 year old’s kitchen.  A great wine bottle holder with animals that look like they are drinking from the bottle like the horse here or you can also get a bear, moose, gator and even a fish.  For a more traditional alcoholic gifts and mind-boggling appearance you can get one of the very popular gravity defying wine bottle holders.

Alcoholic gifts for consumption

 21st Birthday bottle of wine - Alcoholic Gifts You cannot beat cold hard alcoholic gifts, buying someone a bottle of Campaign, a case of beer, of a bottle if liquor with a mixer is a great idea that will always be well received.  You can always make it a bit more interesting by disguising the alcoholic gift as something else.  My cousin got a huge box which contained several house bricks and a bottle of wine, for his 21st Birthday present.  As you can imagine he was very excited by the weight and size of his alcoholic gift, only to see the humor when he opened the present.  (if you do this make sure the bottle has protection or it will be a wet box filled with bricks and broken glass).  Another option is membership to a monthly beer club, or local wine tasting, maybe a home brewing kit so someone can produce their very own beer, wine or even moonshine.

Drinking Games

Drinking Chess Game - Alcoholic GiftsEveryone should know a few drinking games for both small and large groups, they are hilariously funny and result in really happy drunk people or really drunk happy people.  We have lots of drinking games available in our store that are perfect for alcoholic gifts.  Drinking games are very popular and ideal for a house party or a pre-night out party,  they help elevate the mood and get everyone ready for a great night.  Board games such as spin the bottle , roulette, drunken tower game (basically Jenga with drinking), tic-tac-toe, chess and drafts are great and typically ideal for drinking in smaller groups.  If you are in a larger group you can play talking or thinking games, one of my favorite drinking games is Fuzzy Duck.  

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck is so much fun, it’s aimed at a large group of people ideally somewhere between 5 and 30 people.  Here are the basic rules.  Everyone gathers in a room and organizes themselves roughly into a circle.

The person who is going to start the game will say one sentence with 2 options.  The sentence is To my left (or right) Fuzzy Duck (or Ducky Fuzz).  so the 4 options to start the game are.

  • To my left fuzzy duckFuzzy Duck - Alcoholic Gifts
  • To my left ducky fuzz
  • To my right fuzzy duck
  • To my right ducky fuzz

Once the game starts you can say one of three things


  • Fuzzy Duck
  • Ducky Fuzz
  • Does He?

The second person then repeats either Fuzzy Duck or Duck Fuzz.  For example if the game starts with ‘To my left Fuzzy Duck’ the person on the left then says ‘Fuzzy Duck’ followed by the person to their left ‘Fuzzy Duck‘ and so on.  Once at least 3 people have repeated the phrase Fuzzy Duck the next person can then say ‘Does He?’ When the next player says ‘Does He?’, the direction changes and so does the phrase.  So the next person who just said ‘Fuzzy Duck’ will now have to say ‘Ducky Fuzz‘ and so on.

Celebrating with a glass of wine - Alcoholic GiftsAny player who plays out of turn, incorrectly says the phrase, or does not play when it is their turn has to drink a previously agreed amount of alcohol as a penalty (Set the drink penalty before starting).  Either a shot or 2 fingers of the drink you are drinking are common penalties for this game.  As intoxication increases the game becomes more difficult and you find that due to the tongue-twister type of name Fuzzy Duck and Ducky Fuzz invariably the words will come out wrong and the players say duzzy fuck or fucky duzz which sounds like you are saying ‘Fuck he does’ or ‘does he Fuck’, this often surprises the player that they used the profanity. Resulting in lots of laughter from all the players.

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